January 3rd, 2013

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New Year's Resolutions, 2013

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The Short Version

Last year, I was not as fearless as all that. In fact, I took few risks if any, no more heeding Mr. Gaiman's advice than a dromedary practices yoga. This year, I really don't know that it'll be any different. That troubles me, yes. I'm entrenched in this comfort zone that is my
life. My couch has a substantial butt groove. I've worn all the letters off my keyboard. I'm still agoraphobic, still a cat-marm,
still neurotic. But I'm happy. Really happy.

That can't be bad.

So, here's my goals in summary (must I bullet it? Yes, I must.):

1. Travel – Spain, Italy, Croatia, and France
2. TV, nah. Tumblr, yay!
3. Reading – 46 Books
4. Fitness – Return to the Paleo life, find some exercise program
5. Writing – Write on, ever on. Revise Reprieve and submit it. Finish Miss! For Kat.

Happy New Year,
Everyone. May 2013 be blessed.